Here are some not-comedy things I've done/do:

  • Author: Co-author of REWORK (NY Times bestseller that's sorta a Zen self-help business book with lots of drawings), Getting Real, and Defensive Design for the Web. Basically, I worked with smart people and translated their ideas so that dumb people could understand them. Now I frequently write essays at Medium (see below).
  • Music: Singer/songwriter/guitarist in Plastics Hi-Fi, Ruby Lament, and solo. I fronted a rock band in Chicago and then put out solo stuff and then got tired of lugging gear around.
  • Technology: Formerly employee #1 at 37signals (now Basecamp). I was designer-turned-media-guy for 10+ years there. Now I only care about apps if they leave me alone.
  • Photography: Travel shots and portraits at Flickr. And I live in Brooklyn, so I take photos of expensive coffee and sunsets and shit like that on Instagram.

Some essays I've written:

What I’ve Learned From 10 Years of Doing Standup Comedy
Jokes, Jews, jealousy, and the journey of being a comedian in New York City

The Things That Matter When You Die
Watching my father pass away taught me a lot about how to live

The Story of Ziva
My mom lived a life that I only found out about later

Welcome to the Jungle
My first journey on Ayahuasca/meeting the Dirt Mother Goddess

Do you want to see my Grandma’s lingerie?
How a blanket changed the way I view my grandmother

Ten Lessons from Standup Comedy That Will Make You a Better Speaker
How thinking like a comedian can help you win over a room

“Side Hustle” as a Sign of the Apocalypse
Uber and Seamless ads reveal how Silicon Valley is screwing us

What Tom Petty Taught Me About Songwriting and Life
He wrote gospel songs about defiance, love, and life as an outcast